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There is a great sense of enthusiasm in making advertising as environmentally sustainable as possible, but it may not be as straightforward as decision-makers think.

Art by Rika @ Cavai

There is a great sense of enthusiasm in making advertising as environmentally sustainable as possible. Many leading companies have already made significant commitments in this respect. But, such aspirations often become misguided by lack of available relevant information and the general difficulty of understanding complex systems.

Environmental Impact Assessment of Online Advertising, a peer-reviewed paper published in 2018, highlights how close to 100% of emissions in advertising come from delivering and displaying online ads. However, today in 2021, most advertising industry companies believe that emissions instead come from auxiliary sources, such as office buildings and business travel. …


Many companies use the technique of “carbon offsetting” to reach their sustainability goals. This article analyzes — using first principles — if carbon offsetting can be a viable solution to reach sustainability goals.

Observations and Analysis

Carbon neutrality can be understood as the result of having offset carbon emissions by compensating those emissions elsewhere. A typical example is offsetting by planting trees.

Oftentimes we are talking in terms of “how many trees are being planted this year”, “number of trees is increasing every year”, and “there is more tree canopy cover than in 50 years”. …

Zero data does not mean “no data of any kind”, it just means “no data with risk”.

Zero here refers to quantity, there is zero quantity.

Data here refers to data that is in reference to a user.

Zero Data means the absence of user data.

Design and engineering are the principal means through which Zero Data is achieved.

Zero Data advertising systems are designed in a way that eradicates dependency on user data.

Zero Data advertising systems are furthermore engineered in a way that prohibits user data from manifesting as a result of the system.

Such systems do not distinguish between personally identifiable and non-identifiable data.

Such a system does not distinguish between types of user…

In 2012 I started saying to people that the (advertising) cookie will die. In 2022 it’s happening and it’s the single biggest thing to disrupt advertising in two decades.

Hilma of Klint

He is a kind man, he is always taking care of others. Without years of his generous mentorship, I think I still would not understand the way modern online advertising works. I debated with him the “death of the cookie” for the second and last time in 2012.

I said, “the cookie will die”. He then replied…

“Without the cookie, the whole industry will stop functioning. None of the things we are doing now would make any sense and we would no longer be able to do our jobs”.

The way the programmatic advertising eco-system works is that there are…

Memetic finance is a modern type of financial thesis involving the propagation of memes through weaponized platforms in the advertising funded internet.

In this article, we analyze a forecast that locked down a nation and show how easy to make small mistakes in modeling lead to big problems in outcomes.

SOURCE: Adobe Stock

In this analysis, we will work to validate an Intensive Care Unit (ICU) peak burden forecast. The forecast is made by national health officials. Such forecasts play a prominent role in time-constrained policy decisions that try to balance between complete societal paralysis and unnecessary loss of human life. Scrutiny of every parameter value, model, and figure is of the utmost importance. Only with scrutiny, sound decisions can be made based on data and modeling.

We will use the Finnish health authority — THL — and their ICU peak burden forecast as an example. …


Koronaviruksen vertaaminen kausiflunssaan on kuin vertaisi nakkikioskinahistelua sotaan. Kyllä, kausiflunssaan kuolee paljon ihmisiä joka vuosi, mutta kuten tässä artikkelissa esitetyt tieteelliset faktat osoittavat, se ei tarkoita, että kausiflunssa olisi lainkaan samankaltainen kuin koronavirus.


Tarttuvia tauteja voidaan vertailla “viiden pilarin” kautta:

  • Ennaltaehkäisy
  • Leviäminen
  • Oireet
  • Hoito
  • Kuolleisuus


  • Kausiflunssan lääkinnällinen ehkäisy on laajalti saatavilla
  • Koronavirukseen ei ole lääkinnällistä ehkäisyä saatavilla
  • Mittava seuranta ja testauskoneisto on olemassa kausiflunssaan
  • Juuri mitään seurantaa tai testauskoneistoa ei ole olemassa koronavirukseen
  • Dataa on saatavilla laajamittaisesti kausiflunssaan
  • Juuri mitään dataa ei ole saatavilla koronavirukseen
  • Tieteellistä tutkimusta kausiflunssasta on vuosikymmeniä
  • Tieteellistä tutkimusta koronaviruksesta on hyvin vähän


  • R0 eli “perustarttuvuusluku”…

When I was small, my parents were busy and also did not know much about communicating with children. I think a lot of parents are like that. Communicating with a child is, in fact, one of the great mysteries of human life; we know very little about how it actually works. We have many theories and make plans based on those theories, but it’s like Mike Tyson said. “Everyone has a plan until they’re punched in the face.” As I grew up, I spent much time thinking about how I could avoid the faith of my parents, if I myself…

You will soon be able to explain a research question to a machine and get an answer in return.

Welcome to STUDIO….a loading bar makes it way across the screen…the system scans your face…a voice with a slight east-german accent says:

“Good morning, what would you like to do today?”

Since 2025, similar solutions have taken the research world by a storm. The promise is dead simple; explain your machine — for example, a laptop or a smartphone — the research problem, and the machine will find a way to answer it.

You start by explaining that you’re interested in understanding factors related to mortality in advanced cervical cancer patients.

“Would you like me to start with a literature…

In this article I will show that unlike the pundits would like you to think, it’s our ignorance we should fear, not the intelligence of machines.


The imminent danger with Artificial Intelligence has nothing to do with machines becoming too intelligent. It has to do with machines inheriting the ignorance of people.


Whom should we believe about the magnitude of change that comes with Artificial Intelligence? Andrew Ng when he says AI is the next electricity, or the Francois Chollet when he says it’s more like the invention of human language? Should we take it seriously when Elon Musk says that we need to fear machines enslaving us, and the solution is to embed the machine into our brains? How about Rand Corporation talking about…


Worked with machine intelligence for 15 years, and built the interwebs for 25. Nothing here is my own.

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